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He is an Italian Australian who has successfully bridged the global football community as a football agent, scout, and owner of various football academies worldwide.

A former professional soccer player himself, Morris has an intimate understanding of the game and what it takes to excel at the highest level. His post-playing career has seen him become a highly respected figure in football circles around the globe. As the Director of Genova Academy and the owner of the Racing City Group, Morris has shown an exceptional aptitude for talent development and management.

Morris’ unique strategy focuses on comprehensive player development, encompassing skill enhancement, cultural adaptation, and a deep understanding of the demands of European soccer. This all-round approach has proven immensely effective, enabling players from all corners of the globe to flourish in various European football landscapes, including Spain, Italy, England, the Arab Emirates, and beyond.

darya bahrami

Darya holds a Master’s degree in Sports Management from ISDE, Spain, one of the premier institutions for sports education in Europe. Her expertise will undoubtedly be of significant value in navigating the complex landscapes of European and Asian football.

In addition to her academic achievements, Darya has built a reputation for excellence as the Sports Director for Racing Madrid. 

As an agent at Anthem Sports Management,  her role will also involve negotiating contracts, managing player transfers, and ensuring that our athletes receive the best opportunities and fair treatment in these regions.


Peter Khalife is our esteemed agent covering Cyprus, Lebanon, the United States, Greece, Malta, the Arab Emirates, and worldwide operations. An ex-professional football player, Peter has an intimate understanding of the game and a deep empathy for the athletes, which is invaluable in the world of football management.

In his role at Anthem Sports Management, Peter will be focused on scouting for fresh talent, representing our athletes worldwide. His global connections and deep understanding of football from a player’s perspective will prove instrumental in securing the best opportunities for our athletes.


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