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Anthem Sport is your international gateway to exceptional football management, talent discovery, and extraordinary sporting events. With our dynamic presence in global football, our expertise is sought-after and respected worldwide.

A key part of our service involves helping non-European footballers connect with the vast world of football. Through strategic partnerships with football clubs across various levels, we create opportunities for these players to showcase their skills, grow professionally, and potentially become the next global football star.

We have a stellar track record in organizing sports events featuring world-class football stars such as Julio Cesar, Javier Zanetti, Materazzi, Roberto Carlos, and many others. These events not only offer excellent exposure for budding talent but also provide unforgettable experiences for fans and football enthusiasts worldwide.

darya bahrami joins anthem

We are thrilled to announce that Darya Bahrami has joined Anthem Sports Management as our dedicated agent for the Europe and Asia regions. Darya is an accomplished sports manager, football specialist, intermediary, and sports law consultant with impressive credentials and extensive experience.

Darya holds a Master’s degree in Sports Management from ISDE, Spain, one of the premier institutions for sports education in Europe. This rigorous academic training, combined with her practical experience in the field, makes Darya an authority in sports law and management. Her expertise will undoubtedly be of significant value in navigating the complex landscapes of European and Asian football.

In addition to her academic achievements, Darya has built a reputation for excellence as the Sports Director for Racing Madrid. Her insightful management strategies and legal acumen have helped the club thrive amidst the challenging dynamics of the football world. She has demonstrated a unique ability to negotiate contracts, manage player transfers, and resolve disputes, all while maintaining a focus on fair play and the best interests of the athletes.

As an agent at Anthem Sports Management,  her role will also involve negotiating contracts, managing player transfers, and ensuring that our athletes receive the best opportunities and fair treatment in these regions.

We are confident that her contributions will significantly enhance our services and elevate our reputation in the football management industry.

Welcome to the team, Darya!


Unleash Your TALENT


Unleash Your TALENT